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psy 2315 unit 2 essay Essays - Psychology, Adjustment, Milliradian

Jacari Gentry, PSY 2315, Spring 2019 Unit 2 Clarify how the verses identify with modification How does the verses identify with modification? In the brain science, the term modification alludes to when people can adjust their necessities or wants when they are tested by deterrents in their condition. Change is a procedure that people need to confront consistently, on the grounds that we regularly progress through numerous stages all through our lifetime. These can be changes in where one lives, their occupation, or even with kinships and connections. Despite the fact that it might end up being hard for a few, figuring out how to adapt to modifying could end up being valuable for one's general joy with their life. These verses composed by Irving Kahal show a person who has acknowledged the change that he needs to make throughout everyday life. The verses recount to an account of a relationship that has a solid bond between two people that should adjust to not being to see each other for a long time to come. The author utilizes the earth around him to help with tolerating the modification. The verses clarify how old recognizable spots, for example, a little bistro and the local park, help the essayist recall old recollections that were imparted to his accomplice. The author likewise utilizes nature to depict the sentiments he has for his accomplice. Chestnut trees are utilized to portray the season, and Kahal utilizes that to communicate how the easily overlooked details are utilized to help with modifying. Kahal additionally references the sun and the moon to take after night and day. At the point when he takes a gander at every one, it keeps on helping him to remember his accomplice. Subsequent to perusing these verses, it helped me comprehend that alteration can be anything but difficult to manage in the event that one decides for it to be. One must be happy to adjust to abrupt changes and utilize the device around them for the procedure to go smoother. I do accept that utilizing the earth around us is the most ideal approach to adapt to altering. Reference: Kahal, I. (1938). I'll be Seeing You.

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And the Earth Did not Devour Him by Tomas Rivera

As a country of workers, American history can't be composed solely in a solitary point of view especially of the prevailing ethnic gathering. A far reaching portrayal of our history requires the incorporation and convenience of the experience of each individual from current American society.Tomas Rivera’s â€Å"And the earth didn't eat up him†, is an artistic piece that gives a supplemental introduction of the US history in the viewpoint an ambushed gathering of Mexican ranchers yet at a slant making the feeling that the US government and its business industrialist accomplices are the oppressors.The story was set at some point between the 1940’s and 1950’s during which numerous Mexicans went to the US to fill in as ranchers under the Bracero (difficult work) Program.This program which was founded by both the Mexican and US government to cover the requirement for laborers lost during the past universal wars, turned into a channel for the abuse and social se gregation of the transitory labor imported from Mexico as opposed to accommodating the reasonable treatment of Mexicans laborers in the US.  Many transient Mexican specialists (braceros) unlawfully entered the US as opposed to coming back to Mexico after the lapse of their work contracts.This incited the US government to expel more than 3 million Mexican vagrants without legitimate respect to their individual rights, without adequately separating legalâ and illicit transients and without due thought to the crumbling of family relations. In a progression of various stories frequently with anonymous characters, Tomas Rivera’s epic by and large catches the battles and difficulties in the lives of Latino vagrant laborers in their work in America.The Struggle of the Mexican AmericanMexico leads in the Latino movement to the U.S. The sharp ascent of illicit settlers from Mexico particularly with the Braceros program made political pressures between the US and Mexico. History would quite often relate the unlawful migration of Mexican ranchers by revealing the arrangement of steps utilized by the US government in battling illicit immigration.For model, beside the monstrous expulsion of unlawful Mexican outsiders (for example Activity Wetback) started by the Eisenhower organization, the US government induced a U.S.- Mexico unhindered commerce concurrence with the target of producing employments in Mexico so as to forestall, dishearten and decline the pour of Mexican laborers wrongfully entering the US soil.Strict laws that called for more tightly limitations on lawful and unlawful migration to direct the U.S.- Mexico fringe were implemented.Later on, numerous American states embraced the English just strategy which delegates English as the selective authority language. The normalization of language was in like manner proposed to warrant the joining of Mexican outsiders in the American people group. (Stacy, p 609-613)This case of chronicled account alongsid e comparable and related occasions will in general lessen the frequency of settler ranch laborers in the United States in American history as a negligible issue of illicit movement without due thought and acknowledgment to the exceptional experience and socio-political conditions of Mexican vagrant specialists in South Texas.By recording the lives and describing the conventional path of a worker populace, the novel creates in a masterful yet bona fide abstract piece the otherworldly history of a people in this manner giving them an unmistakable social voice.In light of their family’s battle to turn out to be a piece of America,  â the hero in the novel experiences close and profound snapshots of settling one's character, family and society past the sheer legislative issues of resisting the prevailing society. In one occasion, he even addressed God‘s knowledge in their plight.â€Å"God couldn't think less about poor people. Let me know, for what reason must we live h ere like this? What have we done to merit this? You’re so great but then you need to endure so much† (Rivera, p 189)The stories in the novel essentially served to help and affirmed the hardships and brutalities that the settler Mexican ranchers looked at work. In the story, â€Å"That It Hurts†, one kid was ousted from school since he was Mexican.In another startling story, â€Å"The Children Couldn't Wait†, a kid was executed in light of the fact that he couldn’t consent to the boss’s request that the laborers should hold on to drink water, a benefit openly enriched to steers yet not to the Mexican specialists.  The ranchers bear extended periods of time of extraordinary work, unobtrusive food and lacking lodging in their camps for a pitiful pay.The kids expected to join their folks in working in the fields to improve family income to the detriment of not having the option to go to class.   Younger kids unable to work were left to figh t for themselves which made them defenseless against unexpected frailty conditions and other ecological risks.While the pickle of the Mexican transient laborers is equivalent to the subjugation of the blacks prior on throughout the entire existence of America, the novel portrays a youthful man’s battle for self ID which finished with a reaffirmation of his bicultural inclination just as his patrimony and faithfulness with America. The tale didn't really speak to hatred against the Anglo culture and resistance.Thus, individuals ought to reexamine the abuse of outsider specialists and the segregation of ethnic minorities by and large. For example, the novel didn't legitimately censure the Anglo culture however just uses it for near conversation of contrasts expected to make a feeling of pride and network among the mistreated Mexicans.In the account entitled â€Å"The Night before Christmas†, the Mexican mother discloses to her kids that, â€Å"In Mexico, it’s not Santa condition who bring the presents, yet the three astute men. What's more, they don’t come in the 6th of January, that’s the genuine date†.(Rivera, p130) In this model, the novel isn't straightforwardly scrutinizing American culture however is  surreptitiously challenging a social inconvenience of the predominant culture that totally dismisses the strict convictions of Mexicans.

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3 Reasons to Buy an Essay Help Service

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To analyse how social network marketing can help in the effective marketing of a business - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 21 Words: 6335 Downloads: 8 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Statistics Essay Did you like this example? Chapter One Introduction Aims and Objectives Introduction For some marketing managers, the twenty-first century may appear a very strange place indeed. Much of that strangeness comes from the electronification of traditional marketing practices. OConnor et al (2004) said that direct and database marketing might be fairly well understood, but what about the concepts such as social network marketing. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "To analyse how social network marketing can help in the effective marketing of a business" essay for you Create order This is one of the latest tools available to todays marketing managers. The most popular social network marketing tools are Facebook, Twitter, My Space, LinkedIn, etc., but there are some other different social network marketing methods like blogs, e-mail marketing, video promotion on YouTube and many more. In truth, the migration from traditional marketing to internet marketing is part of a process that has taken place over the past decade. But what is Social network marketing and how it is different from ordinary marketing, advantages and disadvantages of social networking, its impact on other businesses has been researched in this dissertation. Aim To analyse how social network marketing can help in the effective marketing of a business Objectives Analyse the impact of social network marketing on other businesses. Analyse the advantages and the disadvantages of the social network marketing in a business context. Analyse the effectiveness of social network marketing. Research Background Chapter two Research Background The Cumin Restaurant The Anand family have a long and successful history of catering, originating from their home in Nairobi, Kenya. They came to the UK in 1975 and have been in the catering business ever since. Their first restaurant in the UK was The Brilliant, followed by Madhus, both in Middlesex. These were followed by Curry Craze in Wembley, Curry Special in Ilford and Curry Fever in Leicester, all of which are still very successful today. The restaurant capacity is 74 cover over two floors 20 on the ground floor and 54 on the first floor. Being in the city centre, they are also an ideal place to hold business meetings or lunches. (The Cumin Restaurant online, 2011) Chino Latino, Park Plaza Their central Nottingham hotel features Chino Latino, the multi award-winning, on-site restaurant.Chino Latino serves fresh, gourmet Pan-Asian cuisine and Latin-inspired cocktails in a relaxed, modern atmosphere. One of the top Nottingham restaurants, Chino Latino offers a fantastic choice of a la carte, set, tasting and bento box menus. The bar offers an array of exciting cocktails, bottled beers and bar platters in a distinctively Latin atmosphere. Literature Review 2011 Chapter three Introduction The changing media environment Social Network Marketing Branding on Social Networks Marketing in Post Modernism World Customer Perception and Satisfaction Customer Psychology and Behaviour Summary Introduction A literature review is a survey and discussion of the literature in a given area of study. It is a concise overview of what has been studied, argued, and established about a topic, and it is usually organised chronologically or thematically. A literature review is written in essay format. It is not a commented bibliography, because it groups related works together and discusses trends and developments rather than focusing on one item at a time. It is not a summary; rather, it evaluates previous and current research in regard to how relevant and/or useful it is and how it relates to your own research. (University of Toronto Online, 02.12.2009) Ridley (2009) described literature review as the part of the thesis where there is extensive reference to related research and theory; it is where connections are made between the source texts and the research among these sources. It also refers to the process involved in creating the review that appears in the thesis. The changing media environment The mainstream print and broadcast media have faced major challenges in recent years, with many newspaper titles facing closure and television channels facing shortfalls in revenue. An important reason for this has been migration of significant amount of advertising budgets to online channels. Research by Forrester Jennings (2007) has indicated that audiences and attention is shifting to online channels as 52 per cent of Europeans are regularly online at home. Around 36 per cent of European internet users watch less TV, 28 per cent have reduced their newspaper and magazine reading and 17 per cent have decreased listening to the radios since going online. This shift away from conventional media has been further exacerbated by the recession from 2008 which led many advertisers to cut their budgets, resulting in print and broadcast media receiving a diminishing share of the declining total budget (Jennings, 2007). Online advertising has been the beneficiary of recent changes in the allo cation of advertising budgets, but this general shift hides a number of different formats for communicating with target audience, ranging from mass appeal banner ads placed on frequently visited websites, through to personalised e-mail campaigns in which the message can be uniquely tailored to the requirements of individual target buyers. Social media can be characterised as online applications, platforms and media which aim to facilitate interactions, collaborations and the sharing of content (Universal Maccann International, 2008, p.10). the importance of social network media lies in the interaction between consumers and the community, and in the facilitation of asynchronous, immediate, interactive, low-cost communication (Miller et al, 2009, p. 306). Social network sites allow individuals to construct a public or semi-public profile within a bounded system; to articulate a list of other users with whom they share a connection, and to view and traverse their list of connections and those made by others within the system (Boyd and Ellison, 2007, p. 211). On larger social network sites a connection, individuals are typically not looking to meet new people but are more interested in managing relationships by maintaining contacts with old friends who are already part of the extended social network (Boyd and Ellison, 200 7; Hart et al, 2008). To sum up, social network sites can be seen as alternative communication tools which support existing relationships and activities in a fun and colourful way that can enrich the users experience (Ofcom, 2008). Many social network websites have emerged; attracting distinctive groups on users in terms of their demographics, for example the average age of users of Bebo is lower than for Facebook. Many appeal to communities with specific shared interests. In addition to consumers-oriented social network sites, many professional and trade associations have set up networks to exchange information of particular interest to member, for example the social networking site LinkedIn is particularly aimed at professionals. There is now lot of evidence that social network sites have become mainstream and it has been reported that globally, these sites account for one in every 11 minutes spent online. In the UK, this figure is even higher one in every six minutes (Neilson Company, 2009). Over half (54 per cent) of internet users between 16 and 24 have set up their own page or profile on a social networking site (Ofcom, 2008). The take up of online social media has been at the expense of traditional media, and a study by Ofcom of the media habits of UK 15-24 year olds shows that since using such media for the first time, the amount of time spent reading national newspapers declined by 27 per cent; reading local newspaper by 22 per cent; reading magazines by 21 per cent; listening radio by 15 per cent and watching TV by 13 per cent (Ofcom, 2006). Online social media offers opportunities to connect these hard-to-reach audiences drifting away from traditional media. Social Network Marketing Marketers need to be where their customers and potential customers are, and increasingly this is on social networking sites. Most of their marketers have started using social networks to market their businesses and to gain financial freedom. It also markets and then offers the product or service to the relevant audience and provides significant benefits using the dialogues and personal connections and to gain a wider audience for the product, but according to Scott (2007, p.229), marketing on these sites can be tricky because the online community at social networking sites hates open commercial messages. There are abundant amount of active users across sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Hi5; 2.6 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each day (Shih 2009). Social networking has become a rapidly growing global phenomenon spreading across the world. According to Chaffey and Smith (2008) well-run communities on the social networks strengthen relationships, trust and loyalty, as well as maintaining brand awareness in the minds of the community members. Communities also allow a unique opportunity to stay close to customers, their concerns, their worries and their desires. Despite these benefits, building an active community can be time consuming and difficult though cheap. Careful moderation and seeding of topics from a subject expert may be required. An alternative approach is to link up to an established community that has greater independence. Either way social networks are the part of the dynamic dialogue and dynamic opportunities that todays marketer enjoy. Social network networking has many advantages which makes it an interesting and a useful marketing tool for any business. This tool is cheap compared to other methods of advertising, when it comes to costing to reach the target audience. Another advantage is that it is easy to record and review any marketing campaign which makes it easier to analyse the changes that need to be made in service or products. But when we look at the negative side of it, social network marketing has got some disadvantages as well. According to Shih (2009), the biggest drawback of social network marketing is that the business could be the main targets for the detractors and their criticism which would make people who are interested in the business turn off by reading the negative comments. Some of the common disadvantages of social networks are security and safety of the business, violation of copyrights, vulnerable to thefts and scams. (Sethi and Adhikari, 2010) In general, the problem with the social networks is they need frequent updating and it is time consuming as well. Branding on Social Networks Social networking sites offer brands many opportunities for engagement. When brand profiles are created, the brands can exist as people on the sites. Friends can interact with the brands, share information, photos, and videos, and participate in two-way communication. The brand as person enhances the ability of a brand to use conversation marketing. Building a brand persona strengthens brand personality, differentiates brands from competitors, and sets the stage for a perceived relationship. Assuming the brands persona is likable and credible, it can facilitate message internalisation (the process by which a consumer adopts a brand belief as his or her own). (Tuten, 2008) Why would a person friend a brand? There are lots of incentives for friending brands, as explained in the Never Ending Friending report. These include incentive-driven motives like getting invitations to upcoming events, receiving information on sales and special offers and relationship-oriented motives such as a desire to support the company because it offers high quality products, to associate with the brand and its image, and to respond to a friends recommendation about the brand. The value proposition is already in place. (Clifton, 2009) Ultimately, branding on social networking sites promotes brand awareness, brand recall, and, if done well, builds on brand loyalty and brand equity. Social networks offers opportunities for brand promotion and engagement for those brands that learn to leverage the unique attributes of network in question. (Clifton, 2009) However, social networking is not without its flaws. Advertising, even when developed and distributed in superlative online venues, still suffers from the limitations facing all forms of advertising. Clutter is a tremendous distraction for people as they are faced with advertising in and on every imaginable media. Online readers are bombarded with sometimes numerous ads on a single page. With the many display ads, profile components, and widgets visible on social network pages, clutter is an issue. There is also limited inventory for advertising space on the sites. (Tuten, 2008) Social networks offer the greatest benefits to brands when the brands play to a networks culture, developing brand personas and engaging friends in dialogue. However, the workhorse of social network advertising is still the display ad. Unfortunately, display ads are not nearly as effective on social networking sites as they are on other types of websites. Clickthrough rates are much lower. (Clifton, 2009) Marketing in Post Modernism world Postmodernism invites a unique perspective of how to manage marketing and how to understand the consumer. Postmodernism says that social experiences are an interplay of myths which produce regimes of truth and that much of what we understand or believe about the individual, self, freedom, structure and so on is arbitrary and short-lived, fleeting rather than essential and fixed. We need to change our views as the customer changes. The main conditions of postmodernism marketing are hyper-reality, fragmentation, reversals of production and consumption, decentring of the subject, paradoxical juxtapositions (of opposites) and loss of commitment. (Kotler, 2009, p. 27) Hyper-reality: Exemplified by the virtual words of cyberspace and the pseudo worlds of theme parks, hotels and heritage centres, hyper-reality involves the creation of consumption sites and marketing phenomena that more real then real. Here the distinction between reality and fantasy is momentarily blurred. (Kienscherf, 2004) Fragmentation: Marketing in postmodernity is unfailingly fast, furious, frenetic, frenzied, fleeting and hyperactive. (Kotler, 2009) Reversals of production and consumption: Postmodern consumers are active in the production of meaning, of marketing, of consumption. They do rather than have done to them. (Kotler, 2009) Decentring of the subject: Centeredness is where individuals are defined by their occupation, social class, demographics, postcode, and personalities and so on. Postmodernism suggests that this is not so, and that the harder marketers try to pin down the decentred consuming subject the less successful they will be. Paradoxical juxtapositions (of opposites): We have examples of the mixing and matching of opposites and the combination of contradictory styles in the world famous Irish dance show Riverdance or Lord of Rings. (Kienscherf, 2004) Loss of commitment: Growing disillusionment with the delivery of promises and the willingness to try different experiences has resulted in a loss of commitment. The postmodern consumer takes on multiple, sometimes even contradictory projects, to which he/she is marginally and momentarily committed. This is observed in all walks of life: in relationships, in professions, and consumption. Marketing managers experience this when consumer loyalties to brands change. (Kotler, 2009) Customer Perception and satisfaction Customers perceptions of the quality of a service and their overall satisfaction have some observation indicators. Customers may smile when they talk about the product or service. They may say good things about the product or service. Both actions are manifestations or indicators of an underlying construct we might call customer satisfaction. The term customer satisfaction and perception of quality are labels we use to summarise a set of observable actions related to the product or service. (Hayes, 2008) The largest contributor to customer satisfaction, however, is something an organisation cant fully control; the customers perceptions. Whether theyre based in fantasy, fiction, or some other state of unreality, perceptions have the weight of fact. In the business of pleasing customers, perceptions are fact. Perceptions are also wildly inconsistent. Two different customers can consume the exact same product and have radically different perceptions about its quality. The differences may result from expectations each customer brought to the transaction, or they may simply result from varying powers of perception. Moreover, even one customer with consistent expectations might have varying perceptions about a products quality, depending on his or her mood, or stress level, the time of day, the alignment of the planets whatever. Its tempting to conclude that customer satisfaction is whatever the customer happens to think it is at any point in time. (Hayes, 2008) Customer Psychology and behaviour Apruebo (2005) defined consumer Psychology as the study that deals with the activities directly involved in selecting, obtaining, and using products, services and ideas to satisfy needs and desires, including decision process that precede and follow these actions. It is an applied branch of psychology on consumer behaviour. Consumer behaviour is the study of buying units and the exchange processes involved in acquiring, consuming, and disposing of goods, services, experiences and ideas. First and foremost, emerging definition refers to the concept an exchange process, as a fundamental element of consumer behaviour. A consumer is inevitably at one end of an exchange process in which resources are transferred between two parties. (Solomon, 2009) Consumer behaviour is an interesting field of study. Its nature is dynamic and an interactive process. All of us are consumers because our tendency or impulse can direct us to market our everyday purchase decisions in the marketplace or any shopping place. Summary The review also identifies the impact of social network marketing on businesses along with its advantages and the disadvantages. The literature review gives a greater understanding on the chosen topic set out in the aims and objectives, by the comparative study by different authors, and by highlighting areas of research that have not been fully explored. The information found enabled the researcher to come across different theories and ideas that need to be considered so as to proceed further into the research. The limitation that was faced while doing the literature review were that it was sometimes quite difficult to find the information on certain areas of subject as topic being very contemporary and not many books or journals being published on this topic. The upcoming section will be examining methodology, where the usage of different types of research will be discussed in order to gain appropriate and thorough information. Methodology 2011 Chapter four * Introduction to methodology * Triangulation * Objective one * Objective two * Objective three * Summary Introduction to methodology The research methodology defines what the activity of research is, how to proceed, how to measure progress, and what constitutes success. It provides advancement of wealth of human knowledge, tools of the trade to carry out research, tools to look at things in life objectively; develops a critical and scientific attitude, disciplined thinking to observe objectively; skills of research particularly in the age of information. According to Fisher (2007) methodology is the study of a whole academic field. It is a stepping-back from a subject and a consideration of it at a broader and deeper level. The research methodology is a science that studying how research is done scientifically. It is the way to systematically solve the research problem by logically adopting various steps. Also it defines the way in which the data are collected in a research project. Several different methods are commonly used in research project and it would vary according to the nature of the aim and objective, scope of the topic and thesis and the sources of data which are used. (Jankowicz, 2005) Triangulation Triangulation is the use of multiple methods; usually quantitative and qualitative research, in the study of the study of the same research problem. Triangulation is a complex methodology that usually requires a term of qualitative and quantitative researchers to maintain the integrity of both methodologies. The philosophical basis and assumptions for both quantitative and qualitative research must be maintained when these methodologies are combined, if the findings are to be meaningful. (Grove, 2005) Objective one: Analyse the impact of social network marketing on other businesses. Marketing managers from two organisations will be interviewed in order to justify the first objective which helped him to have a thorough knowledge of the impact of social network marketing on the businesses. They are very short personal interviews which will mainly offer realistic data which is much appropriate to obtain a detailed vision into the first objective, with the hopefulness of achieving first-hand knowledge or primary data. The questions which are designed will be same to all the marketing managers. The researcher was encouraged by the words of Fisher (2007) that the idea of an interview is straightforward, the interviewer engages in informal conversation with the respondent about a particular area of interest. The interviewer may steer the conversation a little, by picking up on the cues and themes raised by the respondent, but generally the respondent leads the direction of the interview. More comprehensive information can be obtained during an interview, however the co re strength of an interview cannot always be accurate as some interviewees may feel forced into providing better responses, but actually contributing prejudiced data. Some online articles, books and case studies will also be referred to elaborate the impacts of social networking marketing on the businesses. Objective two: Analyse the advantages and the disadvantages of the social network marketing in a business context. The mix of personal and the email interview will the method which will be relevant for second objective and will justify the same. It will be made sure that the format of the questions is simple, easy to understand, concised and precise so that the respondents are able to understand each one of it. There would be around 8 questionnaires in the interview with the mixture of closed and open questionnaire. The difference between closed and open questionnaire is simple. The closed ones have lots of tick boxes for respondents to fill in, whereas open questionnaires allow a free response so that people answer using their own words. (Long, 2007) The second objective which will analyse the advantages and disadvantages of the social network marketing, mix of secondary resources like books, internet, journals, case studies etc. may be helpful to the research and to get some elaborated information because some people may feel shy sharing the information during face-to-face interview and questionnaires and therefore giving a good backup to the objective. Objective three: Analyse the effectiveness of social network marketing. The third objective is to analyse the effectiveness of social network marketing so in order to obtain exceptional outcomes the researcher thinks that it is reasonable to procedure explanatory research, making a precise blend of interviews, statistical data and facts, books and various other methods. The researcher thinks that the information or data relevant to objective three is very limited and hence using a blend of interview, statistics, books etc. is very simple in the growth of knowledge to gain a better understanding. Fisher (2007) thinks that observation is relatively underused method in research hence it will be sensible thing to use this method as it provides good examples and information to illustrate the objective. Observation can be used as a technique to gather quantitative data, and quantitative data may be combined into a participant observation study as it is most commonly associated with qualitative research derived from an ethnographic tradition of studying different peoples way of life (Long, 2007). The researcher would be observing his workplace (Cumin Restaurant) to justify third objective as Facebook community page was made by the researcher so as to observe the effectiveness of the social network marketing. Summary This report has examined some insight into the theoretical outline that constructs the essentials of the methodology. It demonstrates and explains the choice and use of various research methods that are appropriate to the aims and objective of the research project chosen. It is a sound justification of chosen methods, including evidence of secondary data supporting the choice of methods. Alternative methods have been demonstrated confirming malfunction is not a possibility because of external restrictions and limitations. Some objectives are justified by a single method but there are some objectives which required more than one method to justify it. Findings 2011 Chapter five Introductive to aim and objectives Findings from Questionnaire Findings from Interview Introduction to aim and objectives This is the largest and probably the most important part this research. This chapter gives an opportunity to discuss the research findings, based on the methods used that were already been discussed in the methodology. These findings are derived from the analyses of statistical data and interviews used for research collection and the measurement of data. Important points of this chapter are linked back to principle ideas in the Literature Review with the evidence obtained in the research. Aim To analyse how social network marketing can help in the effective marketing of a business. Objectives Following are the objectives of the report: Analyse the impact of social network marketing on other businesses. Analyse the advantages and the disadvantages of the social network marketing in a business context. Analyse the effectiveness of social network marketing. Findings from Personal Interview Mr. Sandeep Anand Owner, Manager, The Cumin Restaurant, Nottingham 1. Do you or your business have a profile on any social network? Which? Sandeep: Yes I had a personal profile on Facebook previously but as I came to know that now businesses can make their community page on it as well, I made my business profile. 2. How often do you update your profile? Sandeep:My web designer generally updates my business page which is usually updated once a week. 3. Did it make any difference to your business? Sandeep: Not really at the moment, because the profile is quite new, not many people know that we are in Facebook but I hope as the time passes we will get some customer through it. In my knowledge I have got three costumers giving reference from Facebook. 4. Did anybody recommend you to have a profile on social network? Sandeep: Yes, my web designer recommended me to have one, which I thought is a good idea. 5. If no, then what made you join? 6. Have you identified any business advantage of using Facebook over traditional media? Sandeep:The biggest advantage of using Facebook is there are good choices which you can make according to your budget and if you are not interested to spend any money just make a profile page and dont publish it. But you have to put extra effort to make it more effective. 7. What are the drawbacks of social networks to the business? Sandeep:I have seen some business which has got negative comments which can be viewed by all viewers which is not good for the business. So I think privacy and security is the biggest drawback. 8. Would you recommend anyone to have a business profile on social networks? Why? Sandeep: Yes definitely, because it gives you an edge over other businesses with very little cost and is more effective than the traditional forms of advertising if used effectively. I will highly recommend to the small and medium businesses which are coming into this sector as a fresher with a minimal budget. Findings from Email Interview Ms. Srijana Gurung Restaurant Supervisor (Chino Latino)/Duty Manager, Park Plaza, Nottingham A same set of questions was sent to Ms. Srijana Gurung who is a Restaurant Supervisor and a duty manager in Park Plaza Hotel in Nottingham. Answer 1: Yes I have a personal profile and a profile for my hotels restaurant Chino Latino. My hotel gave me liberty to make a profile page for their restaurant as it is good for their hotels business and for their restaurant as well. Answer 2: I go on to the profile daily just to have a look and to make necessary updates for eg. I introduced a new staff uniform for my restaurants staff, so I have put the pictures of it. Answer 3: Fan following and liking has gained good publicity of our restaurant but we havent measured any difference but I hope it goes well in the future. Answer 4: No, nobody recommended me. Answer 5: It is one of the most upcoming trends of having a profile on the Facebook and in this post recessionary period many businesses have made their pages on Facebook and results are very positive. So I thought of having one for my restaurant. Answer 6: Yes, I am sure there are many advantages of social network marketing over traditional media. They are very cheap, cost efficient, easy to manage and operate and the bst one is they are very contemporary. Answer 7: They take time to show results. There is very less privacy. Anybody can have their profile page on these social networks and even fake profiles can be made and some of these fake profile. Answer 8: Yes absolutely, they are here for us to use and to use efficiently and as they are very cheap they are very affordable but has to be managed properly and updated regularly. But do maintain the businesss privacy level so as to protect from spam and fraud. Statistical Data (Econsultancy, 2010) * Facebookclaimsthat 50% of active users log into the site each day. This would meanat least 175 million users every 24 hours A considerable increase from the previous 120 million. * Twitternow has75 million user accounts. * LinkedInhas over50 million members worldwide.This means an increase of around 1million members each month since July/August last year. * Facebook currently has in excess of350 million active users on global basis.Six months ago, this was 250 million meaning around a 40% increase of users in less than half a year. * More than 35 million Facebook users update their status each day. * Wikipediacurrentlyhas in excess of14 million articles, meaning that its 85,000 contributors have written nearly a million new posts in six months. * Photo uploads to Facebook haveincreased by more than 100%.Currently, there are around2.5 billionuploads to the site each month this was around a billion last time I covered this. * There are more than70 translations availableon Facebook. Last time around, this was only 50. * Back in 2009, the average user had 120 friends within Facebook. This is now around 130. * Mobile is even bigger than before for Facebook, withmore than65 million users accessing the site through mobile-based devices.In six months, this is over 100% increase. (Previously 30 million). * There are more than3.5 billion pieces of content(web links, news stories, blog posts, etc.) shared each week on Facebook. * There are now 11million LinkedIn users across Europe. * Towards theend of last year, the average number of tweets per day was over27.3 million. * The average number of tweets per hour was around1.3 million. * More than 700,000 local businesses have active pages on Facebook. * Purpose-built Facebook pages have created more than5.3 billionfans. * 15% of bloggers spend10 or morehours each week blogging. * India is currently the fastest-growing country to use LinkedIn, with around 3 million total users. * More than 250 Facebook applications have over amillioncombined users each month. * 70%of bloggers are organically talking about brands on their blog. * 38% of bloggers post brand or product reviews. Analysis 2011 Chapter six * Introduction to analysis * Objective one * Objective two * Objective three * Aim Introduction to analysis The main aim of this dissertation is to analyse how social network marketing can help in the effective marketing of a business. Having successfully collected the necessary secondary and primary data for this research, the results have been produced and now will be analysed. To re- acquaint the reader, the initial aim and the objectives of this research have been outlined below. The analysis is broken down into sections which correspond to each objective outline. Firstly an analysis of interview results will be examined, to see if they are supported by the literature review. In this section the questions that were most relevant and most addressed the aims and objectives will be analysed and reflected upon to see how the research could be improved in the future. The questions from the interviews will be linked with the literature review, in order to be more analytical and answer the main aim of this research. Objective 1: Analyse the impact of social network marketing on other businesses. From the interview and statistics it is proved that social networking is a real good marketing tool for the businesses specially the small and medium enterprises.The mainstream print and broadcast media have faced major challenges in recent years, with many newspaper titles facing closure and television channels facing shortfalls in revenue. An important reason for this has been migration of significant amount of advertising budgets to online channels. Social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook are the best suited for marketing. According to Mr. Anand the results are time consuming, it cant be listed overnight. According to him, not many people know that we are in Facebook but I hope as the time passes we will get some customer through it. In my knowledge I have got three costumers giving reference from Facebook. This means it takes time but shows good result. Objective 2: Analyse the Advantages and disadvantages of the social network marketing in the business context After the interview from the manager of the Cumin restaurant Mr. Sandeep said that the biggest advantage of using Facebook is there are good choices which you can make according to your budget and if you are not interested to spend any money just make a profile page and dont publish it. But you have to put extra effort to make it more effective. And when we asked him about the disadvantage this was his answer I have seen some business which has got negative comments which can be viewed by all viewers which is not good for the business. So I think privacy and security is the biggest drawback. When we look at the advantages there are many advantages. The biggest advantage is that it is very cheap. In this post recessionary period it is very difficult to pay for the high advertising costs, so social media marketing is the best available option for the small businesses. From the literature review Social network networking has many advantages which makes it an interesting and a useful marketing tool for any business. This tool is cheap compared to other methods of advertising, when it comes to costing to reach the target audience. Another advantage is that it is easy to record and review any marketing campaign which makes it easier to analyse the changes that need to be made in service or products. But when we look at the negative side of it, social network marketing has got some disadvantages as well. According to Shih (2009), the biggest drawback of social network marketing is that the business could be the main targets for the detractors and their criticism which would ma ke people who are interested in the business turn off by reading the negative comments. Some of the common disadvantages of social networks are security and safety of the business, violation of copyrights, vulnerable to thefts and scams. (Sethi and Adhikari, 2010) As we know anything in the world has advantages and so the disadvantages. Social networks may become a nightmare when you dont take it seriously. Fraud and piracy is the biggest disadvantage of social networks. A negative comment can have a bad impact on the business. Objective 3: Analyse the effectiveness of social network marketing. According to Mr. Anand and Ms. Gurung, it takes time to know how effective the social network marketing is for the business but as we look at the statistics it is clear that it is a very good effective tool. Social networking sites offer businesses many opportunities for engagement. When business profiles are created, they can exist as people on the sites. Friends can interact with the brands, share information, photos, and videos, and participate in two-way communication. The brand as person enhances the ability of a brand to use conversation marketing. Building a brand persona strengthens brand personality, differentiates brands from competitors, and sets the stage for a perceived relationship. Assuming the brands persona is likable and credible, it can facilitate message internalisation (the process by which a consumer adopts a brand belief as his or her own). (Tuten, 2008) The literature review, analysis of the objective one and objective two together analyse the objective three. Aim: The main aim of this dissertation is to analyse how social network marketing can help in the effective marketing of a business. The three objectives above justified this aim but still there are some evidence to be given like do working conditions affect the way people work in an organisation, 17 out of 20 people said that working conditions are very essential to work efficiently. They dont like working in boring environment with everything to do and nothing to gain. They like working in condition where they feel that they are important for the organisation and they should feel motivated. Conclusion 2011 Chapter seven Conclusion The aim of dissertation has been met by the author and has found that leadership and management run on the same track and should be always be in relation with each other because no company could work if management and leadership dont complement each other. The researcher also showed different leadership styles and management styles which were his objectives. This research used several methods in order to produce the findings such as interviews, questionnaires. Looking back at the research outcomes and the methods undertaken, this dissertation could be improved by using a variety of methods when collecting the findings such as arranging more interviews with public and private sectors, having a contingency plan if the time was inconvenient for the businesses. When doing the questionnaire, there were a few problems the author faced such as the aim of asking 30 working people was not achieved due to lack of time. Same went with the interviews. Researcher planned to do 3 interviews but could do just one because of same reason, lack of time. Overall the author feels that the outcome of this research has been relevant to the aim of this dissertation. The author felt that the questionnaire and the interviews were appropriate for this project Self Reflection 2011 Chapter nine Self reflection If the researcher will get another chance to make this project he would take special care of time management because in this project time wasnt managed well, was left everything for last. Because of bad time management the researcher felt pressurised at the time of the submission. However this dissertation was well made but there is always a room for improvement. Therefore, researcher will try be academic. Use of Harvard Referencing will be used with the appropriate punctuation mark. Grammar will be taken care of. There was lot of pressure on me with lots of assignments at one time. So the ultimate point is that time management is very necessary. But this was the first research project and the researcher learnt lots of new things like taking an interview, how to go with the research flow and many more things.

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Essay Outline Practice - 982 Words

Making an Outline A Plan That Builds an Essay ay s Es --- -- ---- ---- ------- ----- The Benefits of an Outline An outline of an essay: ï  ® helps make your essay more organized ï  ® A careful plan will help your body paragraphs stay focused on the ideas in your thesis statement. ï  ® saves time for writers ï  ® Preparing an outline can take time, but you will be able to write the rough draft of your essay more quickly Outline format Essay Outline I. Introduction Thesis: _____________________ II. Body Paragraph #1- Topic Sentence: _____________ A. supporting idea reasons, examples B. supporting idea reasons, examples III. Body Paragraph #2- Topic Sentence: ____________ A. supporting idea reasons, examples B. supporting idea reasons,†¦show more content†¦I. II. Introduction- Thesis Statement: A job interview can often make or break your chances of getting your dream job. There are several things that you can do in an interview to increase the possibility of your success such as dressing properly, answering interview questions thoroughly, and asking good questions at the end of the interview. Body Paragraph #1: Topic Sentence: The way you dress can have a big impact on an interview panel’s first impressions of you. A. Conservative dress like dark suits will show the interview panel you A. Ask interviewers to repeat questions you don’t understand. B. Take some time to think about the questions before you answer. C. A notebook to write down key words in interview questions is sometimes helpful. IV. Topic Sentence: By preparing some thoughtful questions for the end of the interview, you can show the panel that you have prepared for the interview and want the job. A. Research the job and/or company before you go to the interview. are serious about what you do. B. Carrying too many things may show you are lousy or unorganized. A notebook, pens, and/or laptop are appreciated. B. The interview is your opportunity to get to know your potential employer. Ask questions about company goals, mission, expectations of employees, etc. D. Poor grooming may make them think you are untidy. Hair and nails should be clean and neat. C. Don’t ask questions about benefits or salary duringShow MoreRelatedDrugs and behavior today chapter 1 quiz Essay990 Words   |  4 PagesDiscussion questions and assignments 1 Lecture outline for Chapter 1 3 Video suggestions 7 Essay questions 8 True/false questions 9 Multiple choice questions 13 CHAPTER 2: DRUG-TAKING BEHAVIOR: THE PERSONAL AND SOCIAL CONCERNS.............. 27 Discussion questions and assignments 27 Lecture outline for Chapter 2 28 Video suggestions 32 Essay questions 33 True/false questions 34 Read MoreMy Writing Of A College Level Writing Course993 Words   |  4 Pagesinclusion of these workshops my essays would not have been as cleanly written. For upcoming classes one aspect of writing that I would like to focus on is my ability to stay on topic. A lot of the time I tend to become so engulfed in one reasoning for my argument that my mind begins to wander elsewhere. Ultimately my essay structure will suffer because of this, so in order to stay more focused I want to start making outlines before I write out my essays. With an outline it will be easier for me to stayRead MoreWhat Strategies Should You Use Before Taking A Test And Explain How You Might Use Them?995 Words   |  4 Pagestest. Ask your professor if you will have to write any essays. If essays are your weak point, research potential essay topics and create an outline in order to save time for other sections of the test. Also, remember to ask about the rules for test day. Will you be permitted to go to the restroom during the test? Is there a strict time limit? 2. What strategies might you use for different types of tests? i.e. true/false, multiple choice, essay. True false: Look for qualifiers. All, only, neverRead MoreReflection Paper994 Words   |  4 PagesEveryone has their own way they learn best. Some will say they are visual learners, while others say they identify as an auditory leaner. Like learning styles, the same goes for the academic reading, research, and writing process. My personal practices are the result of years practicing, trying to tailor what works best for me. I have discovered the strategies that work well for me through previous experiences which have allowed me to develop my individual method for assigned text readings, researchRead MoreEnglish 111 Evaluation Essay623 Words   |  3 Pagesgained a great deal of practice in the craft of writing. This essay will evaluate the English 111 textbooks, essays, self-reflections, the instructor, and what I personally learned. The English 111 textbook had effective sample essays and diagrams of outlines. The Successful College Writing Textbook is the textbook used for the English 111 course. This textbook had great sample essays because they showed useful examples of transition words and phrases. These sample essays also gave a guideline forRead MoreLetter From Anger : I Made It !1443 Words   |  6 Pagesmy writing and my attitude on writing. Although I improved on grammar in this class it is still apparent that I did not have a background in mechanics. I made comma splices and run through mistakes throughout the semester (MBTI essay, introduction on my research paper outline). As I did learn the mechanics through the worksheets you assigned I began improve and my attitude improved too. Knowing mechanics gave me a more positive thought process while writing and that improved my writing along with beingRead MoreThe Effect Of Reasonable Quality On Half An Hour Or Less Is Difficult Yet Plausible? Essay1626 Words   |  7 PagesWriting an essay of reasonable quality in half an hour or less is difficult yet plausible. In order to write an essay quickly, you should have a step by step plan in order to best use your time. The first step in writing an essay quickly is brainstorming. Brainstorming is quite simple: write down all the ideas which come to your mind, even if they do not pertain to the subject at hand. For example, if you were to write an essay about the Roman republican government, you would state in brief phrasesRead MoreI Am Confident For My Writing1118 Words   |  5 PagesWriting has never been my strong suit so I understood why I had been placed into EWRT 211. Before this class I had not written an essay since I was a junior in high school (six years ago). I have always struggled with writing, but it was not until my first diagnostic essay that I realized how terrible my writing skills were. Everything about the diagnostic essay screamed that I did not know what I was doing. Since then, I have noticed a vast improvement in my writing. This class has taught me howRead MoreMy Early Stages Of My Life908 Words   |  4 Pagesfeel I need more practice with this issue. Another grammatical issue I have is the term â€Å"a lot†. Sometimes, I would write â€Å"alot† instead of â€Å"a lot† in my writing because I adopted this bad habit in my younger years. Now I understand it, but I still would make this mistake once a while. When I’m assigned an essay, the first step I would take is writing my ideas down. Next, I would do a quick outline to see my ideas in an essay form. Then, I would correct mistakes on that quick outline and write a goodRead MoreKinds of Outline1155 Words   |  5 Pages1. What is an OUTLINE? An  outline  is an organizational tool used by writers to gather thoughts so that they can be clearly laid out in an essay or book. Many writers feel that creating an  outline  is the key to effective writing, and it certainly makes the writing process more efficient and focused. By creating an  outline  for a piece of writing, the author ensures that all the pieces of the puzzle are presented in a logical, clear order, and that they flow well, drawing the reader to a logical conclusion

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Why Is Divorce Acceptable in Society Essay - 777 Words

Mary Kirkland Professor Tate-Owens English 1020 23 February 2010 Why is Divorce Acceptable in Society? Divorce is something that has become more common in today’s civilization. It’s happening all over the world but mostly in the United States of America. Most marriages that have fail in the last 5 years have not succeeded have resulted in divorce. In earlier periods in life divorce was considered shocking and terrible, whereas in today’s world it’s accepted. Divorce has become acceptable in society for numerous reasons and will continue to be accepted. Though, many think divorce is frowned upon, it’s more acceptable in society because the images portrayed by the media, the morals of marriage have changed and because it’s no firm†¦show more content†¦In today’s society marriage is all about the perfect dress, the size of the ring and how much money can you spend to have the most platinum wedding. The vows at the altar are just routine to society, it’s suppose to be read by the pastor and recited by the bride and groom. The wedding vows are not taken serious and neither is the marriage. People in society lose sight of the morals of marriage which is why they get divorced and society accepts it. Divorce is acceptable in society because society has changed its meanings and morals of marriage. Equally important, divorce is becoming acceptable in our society because it’s allowed and isn’t frowned upon. Divorce has always been legal but it has become an escape route for some. In today’s society people feel if their marriage isn’t working out for them, divorced is the first resort. People don’t try to work out their marriages anymore; they feel if this person can’t do what they need them too someone else will. People in society continue to jump in and out of marriages because it isn’t a divorce requirement. They are allowed to get married and/or divorced as many times as they would like too because they can. If there wer e requirements to getting divorce society would not have as many divorces as it does. The fact that people can get as many divorces as they want due to the fact of the marriage not benefitting themShow MoreRelatedThe Reasons for Changes in the Patterns of Marriage, Cohabitation and Divorce in the last 30 Years845 Words   |  4 PagesChanges in the Patterns of Marriage, Cohabitation and Divorce in the last 30 Years Over the last 30 years there has been a significant change in the pattern for marriage, co-habitation and divorce. There are many reasons for these changes that have taken place. For example, since 1971, when a divorce act was introduced, divorce has been more acceptable in todays society. This has slowly increased the figures of divorce at a steady rate. A downfall in religion has also Read MoreBis303 Week 7 Casestudy - Marriage and Family Essay748 Words   |  3 Pages1. What factors bind marriages and families together? How have these factors changed, and how has the divorce rate been affected? As stated in our text, various factors can bind married couples together, such as economic interdependencies, legal, social and moral constraints, relationship, and amongst other things. In the recent years some of these factors have diminished their strengths. The modern generation sees marriage in a different perspective altogether. Individuals today feel they areRead MoreSociological Perspectives On Social Issues957 Words   |  4 Pagesnegative occurs within someones life they tend to look for a cause, a reason as to why this has happened. They do this by looking at the different aspects of their personal life, however they don’t take into consideration the fact that sociological issues within that society may have also attributed to that problem taking place. C. Wright Mills (2010) believed that â€Å"neither the life of an individual nor the history of a society could be understood without understanding both†, and with this in mind he cameRead MoreThe Relation Be tween Premarital Cohabitation And Divorce Rates1133 Words   |  5 PagesCohabitation and Divorce Rates Shalene Gerritsen University of Nebraska Introduction to Sociological Research November 18, 2014 Many couples find themselves cohabiting today because it is cheaper and more convenient while others take it as a step forward in their committed relationships. Regardless of reason cohabiting has become a union of choice. In recent years cohabitation has transformed from an act of deviance to a norm in many societies. We will be focusingRead MoreDiscuss Changing Family Structures in the Uk and Give Examples of Sociological Theories That Provide Explanations as to Why and How Families Have Changed.1123 Words   |  5 Pagesthe UK and give examples of sociological theories that provide explanations as to why and how families have changed. This essay will discuss the various family structures in society. It will give theoretical explanation as to why and how families have changed. The essay will also bring statistical, historical and political evidence to back up the reason for these changes. During the pre-industrial society the ‘extended family’ was the most common family structure. This family structureRead MoreAnthropology 101834 Words   |  4 Pagescouple vows to stay married and faithful to their partner. Within monogamy there is serial monogamy. A serial monogamist has many partners but, is only married to one at a time. One continues to remarry after previous marriages have failed ending in a divorce. There is also monogamy arranged marriages. Partners in the marriage are chosen by parents’ and is based off of the social standing of the families, rather than certain personality traits one chooses to marry (Dettwyler, 2011). That marriage is forRead MoreCollege Sociology : The American Family1480 Words   |  6 Pagesone economic and cultural setting doesn’t work for a family in another. This study is relevant because most people don’t understand that families are just doing what they have to do to survive the new ways of so ciety. Some of the problems families have had to face are violence and divorce. The structure of family has also undergone some changes. Two-career families, single-parent families, and blended families are on the rise while nuclear families are starting to become rare. Most people thinkRead MoreThe Issue Of Divorce Over The Years903 Words   |  4 PagesDefinitional Argument Essay According to the CDC and the Census Bureau, a lot more of marriages have been ending in divorce over the years. Why have the rates for divorce changed so much throughout the years? Over the years, everything from hairstyles to phones has changed, including marriage. Marriage is the legally recognized union of a man and a woman as partners in a personal relationship and should be one of the biggest decisions in someone’s life. Although nowadays, it seems as ifRead MoreDo Not Stigmatize Same-Sex Marriages as Inferior by Not Legalizing These Unions1222 Words   |  5 Pages In today’s society, it is hard to define what is known as a â€Å"traditional marriage†. Considering the popularity of marriages that are arranged on the basis of polygamy, communal child rearing, and even the use of mistresses, homosexual marriage should not be considered â€Å"unnatural†. For many people, it is hard to understand how any individual can love someone of their sam e gender. Nonetheless despite the percentage of the population that is muddled by the act, same sex marriage should be legalizedRead MoreHow the Western Concept of Marriage has Changed Essay990 Words   |  4 Pagesphysical health† (â€Å"Marriage and Divorce,† 2014). For children, growing up in happy homes help with their mental, physical, educational, and social well-being. Unfortunately, about 50 percent of married couples in the United States divorce. The rate is even higher for subsequent marriages (â€Å"Marriage and Divorce,† 2014). The social institution influence (structural) differs from the individual influence (life choices) in divorce by the scope of perception on why divorce occurs (Amato, Previti, (2003)

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Abigail and the girls deny everything Essay Example For Students

Abigail and the girls deny everything Essay Abigail and the girls deny everything. Part od their denial is accusation. By shifting the blame onto someone else, they believe that they will not be held accountable for their own sins. Abigail manipulates her way through the play, and even after Mary Warren confessed that the whole story was a pretense, Abigail continues manipulating the court room and the people within it with antics of a wind, a cold wind and Oh Heavenly Father, take away this shadow. In the end she is adamant to convince the court that they were only involved with witchcraft because of Mary Warren, hoping profusely to save her own name. Denial in Salem is considered a terrible sin. The narrow mindedness of the court possesses an unwritten law that if your name is brought out within the court, without any questioning, you are presumed guily. Innocence is not taken into consideration, and only until the victim confesses,, is the court convinced they were right. There is no hearing for the victim, and if they are innocent, they have the choice of denial, and being hung or confessing an being thrown into jail. Danforth, the deputy governor, is so caught up in his own beliefs and importance that he wont listen to anything that he doesnt want to hear. He is manipulated by Abigail, bu her innocent young girl front by incredulously questioning Proctor this child would murder his wife? It is beyond his narrow comprehension that someone could be telling the truth. John Proctor stood up for his pride and principles. It is obvious that he would rather die with a good name within Salem than live and know that he had broken his own principles and lost his pride. He believed that among his own community he would be lavelled untrustworthy and states God does not need my name nailed upon the church! God sees my name, God know how black my sins are. From these comments, we know that John Proctor is an honest and trusting man who would do anything to save the name of himself, his family and his friends even if it would conclude in his own death I have given you my soul, leave me my nameà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦. Maybe Proctors strong will to protest caused the whole tragedy to continue on for a longer period of time. Maybe if he hadnt engaged in adultry, he wouldnt have felt nearly as guilty that he had to go and stand before the court for his wife. It could be said that he stood up for her to prove that he still loved her and maybe to regain some her trust back. The Proctors werent the only couple with the tragedy coming between them. Thomas Putnam too was caught in secretly trying to obtain the land and fight Giless accusation of Putnam killing his neighbours to get their land. Goody Putnam is maliciously accusing Tituba of murdering all her babies. These babies at the time, were announced still born,  but now that Tituba is in the public eye because of being linked with Abigail and the starting of the tragedy, she is blamed. Wild accusations are flying around Salem linking people to anything abnormal that has gone wrong. The absurd naming of innocent people becomes an ongoing threat to all within Salem. Francis Nurse is shocked that his wife, Rebecca a pillar of the Salem community has been named before the court by Abigail and the girls. In fact, the entire community is astounded when they hear the news of Rebecca Nurse being named. The act of people naming others, and then those others naming more people still, definantly had a impact on the tragedy, dragging the whole thing out, much longer than it needed to be. .ub362fe4e89c77ccedbe04b5206fa4322 , .ub362fe4e89c77ccedbe04b5206fa4322 .postImageUrl , .ub362fe4e89c77ccedbe04b5206fa4322 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .ub362fe4e89c77ccedbe04b5206fa4322 , .ub362fe4e89c77ccedbe04b5206fa4322:hover , .ub362fe4e89c77ccedbe04b5206fa4322:visited , .ub362fe4e89c77ccedbe04b5206fa4322:active { border:0!important; } .ub362fe4e89c77ccedbe04b5206fa4322 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .ub362fe4e89c77ccedbe04b5206fa4322 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .ub362fe4e89c77ccedbe04b5206fa4322:active , .ub362fe4e89c77ccedbe04b5206fa4322:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .ub362fe4e89c77ccedbe04b5206fa4322 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .ub362fe4e89c77ccedbe04b5206fa4322 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .ub362fe4e89c77ccedbe04b5206fa4322 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .ub362fe4e89c77ccedbe04b5206fa4322 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .ub362fe4e89c77ccedbe04b5206fa4322:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .ub362fe4e89c77ccedbe04b5206fa4322 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .ub362fe4e89c77ccedbe04b5206fa4322 .ub362fe4e89c77ccedbe04b5206fa4322-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .ub362fe4e89c77ccedbe04b5206fa4322:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: African American Writers EssayTo prove that all these people were actually guilty also played a part in lengthening the tragedy. Herrick, Cheever and Danforth, all so full of their own importance and strictness of the court the law binds meà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦.I cannot budge ask question after question to each victim until finally the defendant breaks down and confesses to save their own lives. Even Hale who feels for the victims towards the end, knows the strictness of the court, thought our hearts break, we cannot flinch, these are new times.